Take Charge of Your Life!

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Prioritize self-care,
Master your inner world,
Unlock your true potential!

I’m Ready To Choose Myself

Transform Pain Into Purpose

  • Establish unwavering self-priority
  • Harness a positive internal dialogue
  • Navigate life with clarity and confidence
  • Find the hidden lessons in every experience
  • Align your talents with your life's purpose
  • Show up to life in a bold way
  • Channel your anger into a force for good
  • Embrace calm as your operating state
  • Deepen bonds with those that matter most
  • Re-ignite passion with your partner
  • Become your own most loyal supporter
  • Great each day with an ear-to-ear smile!


Discover the untapped power of choice within you and harness your potential for radical transformation.


Confront life's hurdles head-on and employ daily rituals that establish an unshakeable consistency.


The most potent life lessons are experiential. To "Live BOLD" is an active commitment to ongoing growth.

Discover What’s Possible

You are not alone.

Let me say that again. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! 
I am speaking from my own experiences here and from the hundreds of men and women I’ve worked with over the years. We are humans. We are all made of flesh and blood.

Life is full of obstacles and we are all doing our best to survive. Always, in All Ways. 

My guess is the friction has built up in your life to a point where you feel handcuffed - whether that be in life, love, parenting, business.... you name it. 

 The gift that I found I needed is the same one I want to share with you.

It's the gift of permission.

Permission to explore ourselves. To stop repressing and shoving down our emotions. To stop pretending like we are smart, strong and shouldn't cry or have pain and regret about past situations that we never let ourselves fully experience.

We all have a hero's journey to go on. 

It's time to step into your own hero's journey. To finally explore the depths of who you are with the love and support needed for you to go deep. To get vulnerable. To open up old wounds.

We are going to explore how beautiful your body, mind and spirit really are (even if you just vomited in your mouth a little after reading this).

 You are in good hands. 


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What’s Included?

  • IBB Masterclass: (self paced) With weekly lessons, actionable steps and real-world homework that unlock the secrets to finding true freedom 
  • Personalized Coaching: Twelve one-on-one sessions tailored to your unique journey
  • Exclusive Access: To 'Papercuts: The Art of Self-Delusion’ audiobook and workshop, a beacon on your path to self-realization
  • Customized Blueprint: Co-created plan and map of how to implement this in your unique life
  • SHIFT Masterclass: Offering more than just skills; it teaches a new way of being, where you’re in control of your inner world, regardless of the outer chaos
  • Improving through Improv: An interactive workshop with a professional comedian to break down barriers through laughter.
  • Community Support: Access to a private channel for sharing experiences, accountability, and continuous support
  • Biweekly Office Hours: A space to ask and share anything that’s on your mind, fostering community learning


If your like me, you've prioritized caring for others and rushed to satisfy the demands of work, family, and society all while neglecting the one person who matters most - YOURSELF

The cost of this self-neglect creeps up until you find yourself depleted; an empty vessel with nothing left to give. You wonder, "How did I end up here?"  Somewhere along the way, you stopped prioritizing yourself. The PAPERCUTS run deep (at least they did for me)!

The time is now to become who you were meant to be.
To put yourself first - to choose you - without apology or regret.

This is the greatest act of love for yourself and for others!

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  • 3xBOLD

    As humans, we all stumble and lose our way.  In my life, there is a short list of people I rely on to walk me back to the path.  At the top of that list is Brent Perkins.   He operates from a place of peace and joy, while simultaneously calling out BS when he sees it.

    Andrew Dittmeir , President, Waters Edge Woods

  • 3xBOLD

    Brent’s work and his book, Papercuts, is an unexpected gift to the business world as well as anyone who is looking to grow personally - inviting us to walk down a path of empowerment and transformation, starting with choice and leading to freedom.

    Diana Owens, LCSW , Transformational Coach, Counselor & Author

  • 3xBOLD

    Keep leading. We need you!

    Seth Godin , Author, Entrepreneur & Teacher

  • 3xBOLD

    Brent demonstrates vulnerability, is incredibly curious, and leverages a set of proven tools to learn, assess, and share improvement ideas. In a personal coaching setting, I find Brent to be competent, empathetic and empowering. All the while, he drives accountability which yields growth. I would highly recommend Brent to help you get the most out of the journey we call LIFE!

    Greg Powell , Sr. Managing Director, Cerberus Capital Mgmt.

  • 3xBOLD

    Brent does a great job synthesizing the learnings from his personal growth journey into content easily consumed by the reader. His words are raw, authentic and relatable. Papercuts gave me a new appreciation of the agency we all have on how we experience each and every day, and tools to live with more ease and joy in this life.

    Kirsten Black , Product Manager, Fannie Mae Capital Markets Portfolio

  • 3xBOLD

    Brent Perkins is one of the most caring and present leaders in the marketplace today. Unlike many other thought leaders who offer little in terms of tangible value, he overdelivers in every sense of the word. Brent has helped my business but more importantly my marriage, my relationships with my kids, and even my relationship with myself.

    Andrew Biggs , CEO, Better Than Rich

  • 3xBOLD

    Brent Perkins led a group coaching call and immediately showed us what it is like to go deep and get the work in. Personally Brent and I spent an hour of time with him coaching me through some business issues. The amount of value he gave speaking from his vast experience was incredible and I am sincerely thankful.

    Chad Slater , CEO, Solar Power Lifestyle

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