Live Bold Blue Smoke

By Chance or By Choice?

Are you living a life governed by others’ expectations,
hiding behind what feels safe and familiar?

To Live BOLD is a choice.

It's a commitment to prioritizing oneself, transcending ego-driven motivations, in order to unlock your unbounded potential. 

My approach is far from ordinary, thriving on creating spaces where vulnerability meets strength, where laughter and profound insights intertwine, and where every question leads to a journey of self-discovery. Delving deep, engaging in meaningful dialogue, and genuinely connecting is the norm.

Here, the aim isn't to dazzle with profound intellectual prowess or novel concepts designed to shock and awe. I'm peddling permission, which is nothing more than an invitation to tap into the wisdom and greatness that lives inside of each of us.

The answers aren't provided; they already exist within.
My role here is simply to pose the questions that help unlock them.

-- Curious what being BOLD looks like? --

“In a World of Chaos, Brent Perkins Provides a Safe Pair of Hands. His Vast Experiences with Corporate Executive Roles, Leadership, Family Trials and Tribulations, and Personal Reconciliation Prove to Be a Robust Set of Skills to Help Others. In Addition, Brent Has an Insatiable Appetite to Leverage His Journey to Make Others Better.”

 - Greg Powell, Sr. Managing Director, Cerberus Capital Mgmt.

Headshot BRP_side 2
Headshot BRP_side 2

Brent Perkins

I am in the second season of life. With the first mountain summited, I have enthusiastically embraced my role as a guide who blends the wisdom of a seasoned CEO with the transformative power of personal growth and spirituality. My journey from leading companies to exploring the depths of human potential allows me to bridge worlds—merging the drive for business success with the desire for significance.

My passion? Unshakable.

My mission? To awaken the slumbering potential within each of us, revealing the powerful gifts that lie beneath layers of doubt and fear, and to inspire a BOLD leap towards greatness.

In every interaction, I bring this holistic perspective, fostering spaces where vulnerability is the bedrock of strength, and authentic connection sparks change.

Permission To Live Unbounded!

Fully expressed, courageously authentic, and in service of your highest potential and grandest vision

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Men Fellowship

BOLD Men Fellowship (BMF) is a carefully curated MASTERMIND for men who desire to be the Father, Lover and Leader you know you can be. Become a fiercely loving partner, fully present father, and successful business leader, without burning out, selling out, or losing yourself in the process.

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BOLD Blueprint is an immersive six (6) month APPRENTICESHIP that unlocks your superpower - tapping into the courageous, authentic, and wild self that already lives inside you. Rediscover your personal agency, begin to trust your inner wisdom, and discover the freedom you've been searching for.

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BOLD Legacy is a MENTORSHIP tailored for high-performing executives seeking a unique, hands-on approach to personal and professional growth. Direct, and private, access to expert guidance ensures a deeply introspective journey towards achieving your most ambitious goals.

Among our different programs you'll find a unique blend of guidance, experiential learning, community support, and practical tools - bypassing traditional knowledge based programs to facilitate deep, lasting change. 
Let's find out which program is the right fit for where you are on your journey.



If your like me, you've prioritized caring for others and rushed to satisfy the demands of work, family, and society all while neglecting the one person who matters most - YOURSELF

The cost of this self-neglect creeps up until you find yourself depleted; an empty vessel with nothing left to give. You wonder, "How did I end up here?" Somewhere along the way, you stopped prioritizing yourself. The PAPERCUTS run deep (at least they did for me)!

Available on Amazon and Audible. Learn more HERE!

Bring BOLD To Your Next Event

Are you seeking someone who will dive deep, engage in meaningful dialogue, and genuinely connect with every individual in the room,?  Let's talk. My journey from leading companies to exploring the depths of human potential allows me to bridge worlds — merging business and personal growth best-practices