Or really, it’s a story about who we don’t love, why we don’t love them, and the damage it has caused in our lives. It unravels the seams and exposes the innards of what we are too afraid to look at.









 Or really, it’s a story about who we don’t love, why we don’t love them, and the damage it has caused in our lives. It unravels the seams and exposes the innards of what we are too afraid to look at.




This book isn't gentle –  a wake-up call to confront your deepest fears and boldly own the life you desire.



From high-powered boardrooms to the silent spaces of introspection, ‘Papercuts’ is a masterful blend of raw truth and ancient wisdom. This book is an essential read for anyone on the brink of self-revelation – especially those who've dedicated their lives to chasing conventional success.

For those feeling stuck in the relentless pursuit of more, this book offers a new lens from which to view success, happiness, and fulfillment. 'Papercuts' doesn’t promise any answers, yet it lights a pathway to freedom. Step into a journey of self-acceptance, and discover how to live a life that’s not only successful but also courageous, authentic and wild!

Your boldest life awaits!

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* Available in E-Book, Paper/Hardback and Audiobook 

An Inner Journey

Papercuts explores the power of free will and self-determination.

  • Agency over our interpretations - we shape our perspectives 
  • Impacts on our psyche - our narratives influence our mental state
  • Self-delusions - examining the fictions we tell (and sell to) ourselves
  • Control over life experiences - we can reframe how we see events
  • Depth of free will - our ability to rewrite our own stories

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What To Expect

Get yourself unstuck.
After all, only you can fix you.

- Understand where/when we play the victim game
- The difference between Comfort zones vs. Fear zones
- Cutting ties to our co-dependencies (detaching)
- Finding gratitude for the moments we were jerks

- Want to help others? Help yourself first
- The power of letting go & showing up in surrender
- Getting out of our own way to let magic happen
- Shifting Priorities: how to show up for yourself

What Others Are Saying About The Book

  • Papercuts is an unexpected gift to the business world as well as anyone who is looking to grow personally.

    The vulnerability that anchors this story is accompanied by a masterful blend of psychology, philosophy and spirituality.

    The reader is invited to walk down a path of empowerment and transformation, starting with choice and leading to freedom.

    Diana Owens, LCSW

    Transformational Coach, Counselor & Author

  • Keep leading, we need you!

    Seth Godin

    Blogger, Entrepreneur, Author

  • Love the deep dive into vulnerability. The dedication and intro to 'Papercuts' are brilliant. Can't wait to see what kind of impact this has on the world!

    Kasim Aslam

    Co-Founder of

  • Brent does a great job synthesizing the learnings from his personal growth journey into content easily consumed by the reader. His words are raw, authentic and relatable.

    Papercuts gave me a new appreciation of the agency we all have on how we experience each and every day, and tools to live with more ease and joy in this life.

    Kirsten Black

    Product Manager, Fannie Mae Capital Markets Portfolio

  • Last night I skimmed back through chapters 1 and 2, and then mostly re-read chapters 3 through 5. Wow! Maybe I was just in a more open mindset but I felt like I was getting slugged with (hard) truth after truth that I needed to hear in exactly that moment.

    There are nuggets everywhere!

    Matt Hope


  • My new favorite so far in the personal development book sections.

    I read a lot of books in my life, and this masterpiece contains lots of information, real stories, good tricks and amazing content to learn.

    Perfect for any level, I will definitely read this book again next year to absorb different information.

    I love the way every chapter starts with a story, so I can immerse myself better in the context.


  • I find myself connecting dots that I didn't know needed to be connected. You've challenged my way of thinking which has brought new insights and perspectives into my view. This is truly a gift that you have given to the world! 

    Paul Gollnick

    Senior Manufacturing Engineer at Minerva Surgical

  • This is a very intimate love letter that, through conversational storytelling, details the steps one man took to figure out how to love himself. It lights the way for the rest of us to glimpse what is possible in our own lives.

    Jason Bronstad

    CEO, Malk Organics

I was SHOCKED when I got this from my editor...

Editors Comment on Papercuts

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