When we step into curiosity, we

find that we have a choice to see

the world through other people’s

eyes. To imagine what their

experiences are, even though

we cannot know them directly.

Highschool Graduation_Cydnie

I spent the first half of my life building a career around achievement, reaching C-Suite status, traveling the world, speaking, launching innovative technologies and building businesses. After an almost 10 year journey that led through some dark places, plant medicine journeys and eye-opening realizations, it became evident that nothing external was ever going to fill the void. As the reality of divorce after 18 years of marriage sunk in, I began to see the grind for what it truly was, bringing clarity to what really matters in life.

Beginning with a divine 'tap on the shoulder', I stepped out of corporate America, put everything else on hold and wrote my first book, Papercuts: The Art of Self-Delusion. Through this journey I found a novel way to relate to the ego (the small “self” in each of us), and shine a spotlight on where it prevents us from stepping into our agency and owning the true depth of our choice. 

Learning how to let go and fully embrace choice (personal agency) is my life's journey and work.

I am on a mission of permission. Drawing from my experiences, I resonate with and play the role of adventure guide for those eager to break free from their own limitations and societal expectations.

I thrive on being a catalyst for self-awareness and love, focusing on self-prioritization, vulnerability, and practices like breathwork for better mental and emotional health. My passion lies in helping others rewrite their stories, realize their worth, and embrace life's adventures, inspiring them to live a BOLD life - one that is as courageous, authentic and wild as they are at heart. 

HEY!  Yeah, you. 

​Have you felt stuck, powerless or like life just keeps happening to you no matter how hard you try? You might find the book I just wrote compelling​.

In my life, I found that where there's pain, there's possibility.

Find Your Possibility
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