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Have you been skimming the surface?

Playing in the shallow waters?





Imagine a reality where you've not just dabbled in transformation but achieved mastery over it. Where disciplined action isn't a struggle but a natural part of your daily ritual. This exclusive mentorship program, under my direct guidance, isn't merely a destination but a pivotal stop on your longer journey. You'll discover that seeking help isn't a sign of weakness but a superpower that propels you from the realm of the ordinary into the extraordinary. While it's neither inexpensive nor necessary for everyone, this program is a gateway to inner leadership and transcendence—a precise fit for those select few ready to be birthed into the uncharted territories of their fullest potential.






We have one , maybe two, slots open for those that want to do the hard work to level up in life. From health, mindset, rituals, spirituality, relationships and more. We will give a lot and expect a lot in return. It’s a minimum of a 90 day commitment, up to 180 days, depending on your goals. This is an investment in YOU. Your future, your family and everyone you interact with and touch in your life. 

Answer The Call

This isn't merely an invitation; it's a call to action to choose a life that is Courageous, Authentic and Wild.


* Mentorships are only for those that are ready to take action and show up to life. Due to the intense nature of mentorships, direct access to Brent, and deeply personal connection, not everyone will be an ideal fit. In order to honor yourself, Brent and this journey - please be as open and honest as possible when filling out the application.