Father, Lover, Leader

... It's Time To Go All-In!

Father, Lover, Leader

... It's Time To Go All-In!


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Become a fiercely loving partnerfully present fatherand a successful business leader,

Without burning out, selling out, or losing yourself in the process.

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    As humans, we all stumble and lose our way.  In my life, there is a short list of people I rely on to walk me back to the path.  At the top of that list is Brent Perkins.   He operates from a place of peace and joy, while simultaneously calling out BS when he sees it.

    Andrew Dittmeir , President, Waters Edge Woods

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    Brent Perkins is one of the most caring and present leaders in the marketplace today. Unlike many other thought leaders who offer little in terms of tangible value, he overdelivers in every sense of the word. Brent has helped my business but more importantly my marriage, my relationships with my kids, and even my relationship with myself.

    Andrew Biggs , CEO, Better Than Rich

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    Brent demonstrates vulnerability, is incredibly curious, and leverages a set of proven tools to learn, assess, and share improvement ideas. In a personal coaching setting, I find Brent to be competent, empathetic and empowering. All the while, he drives accountability which yields growth. I would highly recommend Brent to help you get the most out of the journey we call LIFE!

    Greg Powell , Sr. Managing Director, Cerberus Capital Mgmt.

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    Brent Perkins led a group coaching call and immediately showed us what it is like to go deep and get the work in. Personally Brent and I spent an hour of time with him coaching me through some business issues. The amount of value he gave speaking from his vast experience was incredible and I am sincerely thankful.

    Chad Slater , CEO, Solar Power Lifestyle

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You are not alone.

Let me say that again. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! 
I am speaking from my own experiences here and from the hundreds of men I have worked with. Women too, for that matter. We are humans. We are all made of flesh and blood. This journey called life is often challenging and we are all doing our best to survive. Always, in All Ways. 

It's all too common that friction builds up in our lives to a point where we feel handcuffed - whether that be in life, love, parenting, business.... you name it. 

My guess is that time is often your biggest obstacle as you just can't seem to find enough it.

Your days are frantic and scattered as you do your best to show up for everyone in your life. Some days you succeed at holding it all together and others slip through your fingers, no matter how hard you try.

Odds are that you and your wife/partner are frustrated that things are no longer simple, easy or full of passion.

Your kids don't notice or express any difference, but you do - lacking the ability to find connection in the way you dream about parenting them.

And, while you are aware of the concept of self love, the way you speak to yourself and beat yourself up (verbally, internally) isn't something you would care to teach or model for your kids.

Your deepest desire is to be the FATHER, LOVER and LEADER you know you have in you to be, and yet pulling all the fragmented pieces of the tools you've learned and acquired along the way is daunting and confusing.

Maybe you're even asking yourself the question I asked myself over and over again: "How is this possible? It feels like I can't make any progress here, especially without letting someone or something down along the way."

 The gift that I found I needed is the same one I want to share with you.

It's the gift of permission.

Permission to explore ourselves.

To stop repressing and shoving down our emotions.

To stop pretending like we are big and strong and shouldn't cry or have pain and regret about past situations that we never let ourselves fully experience.

It's time to go ALL in. To finally explore the depths of who you are with the love and support needed for you to go deep.

To get vulnerable.

To open up and address old wounds.

You are a unique human with normal (non-unique) challenges and frustrations.

While it may feel like you are on an island at times, I promise you are not.  

You are in good company.  

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Justin Morgan
CEO at MorCap Commercial

Phillip Calderon
President at Ten Accounting

Vaughn Ward
Health Care Executive & Veteran

Healthy vs Toxic Masculinity.

The masculine is always beautiful. 
(so is the feminine for that matter)

Anyone who tries to tell you the masculinity is toxic, doesn't understand that it's certain people's behavior that is toxic, not masculinity itself. In fact, it's this sort of thinking that leads to even bigger problems.

Men can't simply ignore their sexuality, the desires that we innately have and the strength that resides in the testosterone that is flowing through our bodies. And yet, many of us have lost our way. It is vitally important that we learn to express our masculinity in the most healthy way possible without repressing the inherent beauty of who we are.

This is why we developed a framework to teach men how to navigate today's world by leaning into their innate traits and learning how to S.H.A.G. - allowing for the full (healthy) expression of the masculine.

 S  Show up + Let go 

 H  Hold space + Boundaries

 A  Ask + Receive

 G  Give gratuitously

"Life is beckoning us to stop chasing,
to stop doing, and


Encouraging us to start being."

What's Included?

Missing Pieces

  • Live Roundtables: (up to 3 per month) with a focus on connection and vulnerably through deep dives that seek the wisdom that lives in each of us
  • Group Challenges: Monthly targets around eating, exercise, mindfulness, breathwork, parenting, partnering, business and more
  • Communication; private channel for celebrating wins, discussing challenges, experience shares, accountability and support
    • Masterclasses: access to over 10 hours of video-based e-learning
    • Workshops: unlock your unique gifts and explore your true purpose
    • Coaching: 1:1 hot-seat and group coaching
    • Grounding: Weekly "reset and realign" centering practices
      • Accountability: 30 day rotating buddy system

Is this a fit for you?

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We’ve created a safe space for men to take off their masks, get real, and dig into the tough stuff -
vulnerability, authenticity, & self-love


Through a potent mix of coaching, camaraderie, and collective wisdom, you'll learn to tame your inner critic, harness your true power, and live BOLD!


The most potent life lessons are experiential, requiring an active commitment to ongoing growth. This is the path to becoming your strongest self!

My Personal Guarantee

promise to show up 110% and do the work.

If you do the same and something still isn't clicking, I will work with you until you are completely satisfied. Whatever that takes.

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Brent Perkins

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