BOLD Blueprint

BOLD Blueprint is a deeply transformative journey, packaged as a 6-month APPRENTICESHIP. Our blueprint maps out how to prioritize yourself first - unlocking the courageous, authentic, and wild self that already lives inside you. Rediscover your personal agency, begin to trust your inner wisdom, and find out what true freedom is.

This is an invitation to delve into the art of prioritizing self-care, moving beyond ego-driven motives and unlocking your limitless potential. You’ll learn to let go of the craving for external validation and embrace your intrinsic value.

What’s Included:

  • Personalized Coaching: Ten one-on-one sessions tailored to support your unique journey

  • Exclusive Access: To 'Papercuts: The Art of Self-Delusion’ audiobook and workshop, a beacon on your path to self-realization

  • Customized Blueprint: Co-created plan and map of how to implement this in your unique life

  • Inner BOLD Blueprint Masterclass: Weekly lessons and actionable insights that unlock the secrets to finding true freedom 

  • SHIFT Masterclass: Gain control of your inner world, regardless of the outer chaos

  • Community Support: Access to a private channel for sharing experiences, accountability, and continuous support

is a commitment to unlock the courageous, authentic, and wild self that already lives inside you. It's about rediscovering your agency, trusting your inner wisdom, and awakening each day with a heart full of purpose and fulfillment.

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