BOLD Men Fellowship

Take Charge of Your Life...
and thrive in both the Family Room and the Boardroom!

Become a fiercely loving partner and present father
While expanding your business, your influence, and your wealth
Without burning out, selling out, or losing yourself in the Process

Men Fellowship (BMF) is a 12-month COHORT specifically designed to support high-performing dads that are ready to take off their masks, get real, and dig into the tough stuff - vulnerability, authenticity, & self-love.

Through a potent mix of coaching, camaraderie, and collective wisdom, you'll learn to tame your inner critic, harness your true power, and unlock our unbounded potential.

What’s Included?

  • Live Roundtables: (3 per month) with hot-seat coaching and a focus on connection, sharing, and deep dives.

  • Group Challenges: weekly and monthly goals around eating, exercise, mindfulness, breathwork, parenting, partnering, and more.

  • Communication; private channel for questions, experience shares, accountability and support from the collective

  • Masterclasses: access to over 10 hours of video-based learning

  • Coaching: personalized goal setting session

  • Accountability: 60 day rotating buddy system

  • Office Hours:  weekly, ask/share anything on your mind

  • Lifetime access: to the BOLD Collective content & community

In the end, you will find that real men don’t just exist; they Live BOLD: Courageous, Authentic and Wild!

Bold Lion