Have you ever felt like you just hit a wall?
In your life, not with your car. A place where things feel stuck.
The wheels are spinning, most of the time, yet you can’t gain any traction.

You want answers.
No, you DESERVE answers!

To get to the bottom of why this is all happening. To fix what is broken, whatever that may be. “Please,” you plead. “Just tell me what it is!

The problem? There is no ‘it.’

You can go to therapy, counseling, retreats, dive into plant medicine journeys, practice meditation and yoga, do breathe work, take pharmaceuticals, enjoy recreational drugs and it will still remain elusive. A fog of amnesia has settled in and clouded our memories. The singular greatest capability that we all have, seemingly gone. Forgotten about. 

The worst of it all - somewhere along the way we stopped prioritizing ourselves. We find that we are no longer #1 in our lives.

Papercuts: The Art of Self-Delusion, opens the door to the depths of what free will actually is. The awesome power of agency we each have over all aspects of our lives and the impact our interpretations of our life experiences has on our psyche and the stories we end up telling ourselves.

Choice is our birthright, and it’s time to put an end to the pain and suffering our blindness has had on ourselves, our families and on society.

Choose yourself. First and foremost. Every time.
There is no greater gift you can offer the world.

What can you expect on this journey?
- Understand where/when we play the victim game
- The difference between Comfort zones vs. Fear zones
- Disappointing others before we disappoint ourselves
- Cutting ties to co-dependencies (detaching)
- Finding gratitude for the moments we were jerks
- The power of letting go and showing up in surrender
- Getting out of our own way to let magic happen
- Unravelling meaning in order to find purpose
- Priorities: how to show up for yourself, at all costs

Papercuts is one man’s journey, written as a love story and told through the lens of misplaced and forgotten personal agency.

"An unexpected gift to the business world as well as anyone who is looking to grow personally. The vulnerability that anchors this story is accompanied by a masterful blend of psychology, philosophy and spirituality."
- Diana Owens, LCSW, Author, Transformational Coach

DISTINCTLY UNIQUE in the non-prescriptive yet intimate style it is written in - Papercuts is a wonderful illustration of how leadership starts from the inside out. It gives permission for us to walk down a path of empowerment and transformation, starting with choice and leading to personal freedom.